CoreXY Project & CoreXY V2

This is my first … and Second attempt to build from scratch my first 3d printer , after a lot of research .. and believe me that in 2014 when i start to build this (the first version) the infos was limited most to reprap community forums.

Here Is The Video Of CoreXY V2 (short length) First Print:

Here Is The Video Of CoreXY V2 (full length) Test Print:

Here Are The Pictures Of The Build:


This is my Second attempt to design a CoreXY printer not so complicated and with almost all the parts 3d printed … with the first version printer 🙂 .

I hope someday i find time to upload all the assembly parts in my Grabcad account, it was (I have sold it) very stable and fast printer with good quality prints!

Finally find time to upload to my Grabcad see HERE .



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