Co2 Laser V2 Custom Build

After a successful conversion of my first CO2 Laser to bigger build volume I thought ok now I know how things work … I build one from scratch 🙂

After I take some ideas from other designs and custom builds I decide to build a new 50w laser machine with custom made chiller out of a water dispenser.

All aluminium frame with steel walls and 3d printed joints and holders , linear rails for X and Y axes , moving z axis with pinbed , air assist , laser pointer for alignment , air exhaust and some more upgrades included in this build and of course a Cohesion3d laser board running GRBL-LPC firmware.

Here Is The Video Demonstration:

Here Are Some Pictures Of The Build:

2 Comments on “Co2 Laser V2 Custom Build

  1. Hi – I love the information about your lasers and seeing the work you are doing with them, all great stuff! Question for you about the items that you have added color to, how do you mask the areas you do not want to be painted? Are you pre-finishing so the paint does not stick, or are you using a clear masking tape type of solution? …or just sanding down once the paint has dried?


    • Hello Jason,
      Thanks for your kind words. There is a lot of techniques ..
      I usually use masking tape or painters tape for example .. one other technique that I used in some wood plate engraving that you see in my blog was to first clear coated the wood plate and then engrave it and after engrave paint the black colour and just rub the excess colour with Alcohol


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