Da Vinci 1.0, Marlin Ramps 1.4 modification

I get this printer very cheap as the seller this it was the board broken , after of some search I find that the 5v power line in to the board had a sort ,I have just repair it and was working like a charm.

Due to closed source firmware that was very problematic and of course that I can’t use any filaments I wanted I converted this printer in to open source with Arduino mega-ramps board.

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CO2 Lazer (40w) Modification

This was one of my best and proudest project’s ever. I had bought a Chinese 40w CO2 Laser about 2 years ago and I was not happy with the cutting space of this small machine.

After I learned how the whole CO2 thing works first I upgrade my laser board with Cohesion3d board and I change in to smoothieware firmware and after that to Grbl-LPC … And I never looked back.

Right after that I decided to go big…

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CoreXY Project & CoreXY V2

This is my first … and Second attempt to build from scratch my first 3d printer , after a lot of research .. and believe me that in 2014 when i start to build this (the first version) the infos was limited most to reprap community forums.

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