Retro Pie (Pi score) vertical & horizontal builds

This is not new to some people, the casing is based in old and very popular Coleco Tabletop Game back in the 80’s that was come in a lot of variations like Frogger , Donkey kong , Pacman etc.

a few years before this two guys make a design for 3D printing that is almost identical to the original design , you can also find the original files here .

I took the files and make some modifications in Solidworks , i change the control panel to fit the board from a SNES USB joystick , change the Screen holder to fit Vertical or horizontal screens that i use , bezel with led light , Fan exhaust , switch in the back side , side buttons and some internal modifications to fit to my needs.

I design all the parts for the control panel .. buttons , pad , joystick from scratch and the decals was designed from Mr. icnoc .

And now this is one of my strongest Projects that’s going strong and now and them i get new orders for new builds … if you interested contact me .

Here Is The Video Demonstration:

Here Are Some Pictures Of The Build:

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