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FabTotum Printer Conversion

I get in my hands a fabtotum 3d printer for really cheap not long ago , the guy selling it for parts as it seemed that it had no idea what was doing with the printer and almost destroyed it… Anyway better for me.

Photon (hot air box mod)

Due to low  temperatures in night at winter time on my workshop (some times below 10°C) i have build this hot air and temperature controlled box for my DLP Printer.

CO2 Lazer (40w) Modification

This was one of my best and proudest project’s ever. I had bought a Chinese 40w CO2 Laser about 2 years ago and I was not happy with the cutting space of this small machine. After I learned how the whole CO2 thing works… Continue Reading “CO2 Lazer (40w) Modification”

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