Retro Arcade Briefcase

This is my latest project that I make for a friend .

After we discussed on the project and how we will proceed with the design I had already a lot of ideas how to do it.

Some Specs of the build:

  • 8″ LCD screen
  • Raspberry pi 3B+
  • 128 GB SD Card
  • 2 Battery Pack’s ( 1 for display and 1 for the rest electronic)
  • 2 Battery charges
  • Stereo sound amplifier
  • RGB led lights in the back and inside
  • Detachable joystick shaft
  • 6+2 arcade button.

The case was made of one piece wood in CNC and the top and bottom pieces of MDF thin plates cutted in laser, the hinges the joystick ,some buttons and some inner parts was 3d printed.

Here Is The Video Demonstration:

Here Are Some Pictures Of The Build:

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