FabTotum Printer Conversion

I get in my hands a fabtotum 3d printer for really cheap not long ago , the guy selling it for parts as it seemed that it had no idea what was doing with the printer and almost destroyed it… Anyway better for me.

I had followed the Fabtotum project from the beginning and i had even inspired from there CoreXY system to build my first CoreXY printer as you can see HERE , but due to high price i didn’t have the chance to buy one until now.

After i get the printer in my hand i start to completely disassemble it and looking how they build it, i can only say kudos to the designers!! seems they have thing every little detail and in some cases they have overengineer some parts, even tho they use some really cheap parts like plastic washers and tubes in the pulleys and the XY axis it’s just not justified for that price point was the printer then… But overall the printer was very well made, and i say was because i had other plans for the rebuild.

I decided to get rid of the old electronics and to go with 32Bit board and trinamic drivers, i have use the SKR V1.3 board from BIGTREETECH and the TMC2208 V3.0 trinamic drivers also from BIGTREETECH in UART mode, I have also change the stock extruder and the hotend with a BMG dual drive extruder and custom made hotend, as for display i use the standard 12864 for now and i am waiting for the BIGTREETECH TFT35 V3.0 with wifi module to the mail, for software i go with Marlin 2.0 for 32 bit boards.

I have also put a lot of work in to the frame of the printer as you can see in the pictures below to correct some rigidity flaws in my opinion and put my hotend in … and some more minor fixes in the process.

I can say that i am very pleased with the results and the printer prints f@cking awesome!



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